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Chapter 7: Conservation of Plants and Animals



   Chapter 7: Conservation of Plants and Animals

  Class: VIII

   Exemplar Solutions


Question 1

 Wild buffalo is an endangered species because

(a) its population is diminishing

(b) it has become extinct

(c) it is found exclusively in a particular area

(d) its poaching is strictly prohibited

Answer 1 (a)

Question 2

 Which one of the following changes may occur due to desertification?

(a) Decrease in atmospheric temperature.

(b) Increase in water holding capacity of soil.

(c) Increased chances of floods.

(d) Conversion of fertile land into a desert.

Answer 2 (d)

Question 3

Which one of the following statements is true about a Biosphere Reserve?

(a) It is a protected area where only endemic species live.

(b) It is meant only for the conservation of plants and animals.

(c) It is meant to conserve both, the biodiversity and the culture of that area.

(d) There are no other protected areas within its limits.

Answer 3 (c)

Question 4

 The place meant for conservation of biodiversity in their natural habitat are

(i)Zoological garden  (iii) Wildlife sanctuary

(ii) Botanical garden  (iv) National park

(a)i & ii;  (b) ii & iii;

(c) iii & iv;  (d) i & iv

Answer 4 (c)

Question 5

Which one of the following statements is true about endemic species?

 (a) They are found exclusively in a specific habitat.

(b) Endemic species can never become endangered.

 (c) They are found only in zoos and botanical gardens.

(d) They are not affected by the destruction of their habitat.

Answer 5 (a)

Question 6

 Which of the following feature is correct for a wildlife sanctuary?

 (a) It is an artificially created protected area for animals.

 (b) It is a protected area for threatened and endangered wild animals.

 (c) It is meant for conservation of only plant species.

 (d) Capturing and poaching of animals is strictly prohibited here.

Answer 6 (a)

Question 7

 Which statement is incorrect about endangered species?

(a) Their number has decreased drastically.

(b) They might become extinct in the near future.

(c) They pose a danger to other animals.

(d) Their natural habitat needs to be protected.

Answer 7(c)

Question 8

What do black buck, elephant, python and golden cat together represent in a forest?

 (a) fauna   (c) ecosystem

 (b) flora   (d) species

Answer 8 (a)

Question 9

The Red Data Book keeps a record of all the

(i)endemic species   (iii) endangered plants

(ii) extinct species.  (iv) endangered animals.

  • i & ii; (b) ii & iii;

(c)iii & iv;  (d) i & iv

Answer 9 (c)

Question 10

 Migratory birds fly to far away areas during a particular time of a year. Which of the following conditions present in their habitat during that time are responsible for this behaviour?

  • Unavailability of food.
  • Extreme weather conditions.
  • Over crowding.
  • Lack of nesting areas.
  • ii & iii; (b) i & ii;
  • i & iv  (d) ii & iv.

Answer 10 (b)

Question 11

 In our country, large patches of forests are being cleared for cultivation of crops. The environmental impact of such a practice will lead to

(a) soil erosion   (c) soil pollution

 (b) soil conservation   (d) soil fertility

Answer 11 (a)





Question 12

 Why is it important to conserve forests?

Answer 12

To maintain balance in nature/to conserve the natural ecosystem.

Question 13

 Mention any one action that you have undertaken to conserve trees.

Answer 13

Saving paper using recycled paper/donating old books/spreading awareness about harmful effects of deforestation/any other relevant answer.

Question 14

State whether the following statements are True or False. Correct the false statements.

  • There can be a wildlife sanctuary within a biosphere reserve.
  • Plants of a particular area are collectively termed as fauna.
  • Deforestation leads to an increase in the water holding capacity of the soil.
  • Bison is an endemic fauna of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve.

Answer 14

(i) True (ii) False (Plants of a particular area are collectively termed as fauna). (iii) False (Deforestation leads to an increase in the water holding capacity of the soil). (iv) True.

Question 15

 Can a forest regenerate naturally in a short period of time?

Answer 15

Reforestation can take place naturally by leaving the deforested area undisturbed for a long time. But this process takes a long time in terms of years.

Question 16

 Name the first Reserve Forest of India.

Answer 16

Satpura National Park 


Question 17

 Why are wildlife sanctuaries important for conservation of plants and animals?

Answer 17

Wildlife sanctuaries are protected areas where human activities like plantation, cultivation, grazing, falling of trees, hunting and poaching are prohibited completely.

Question 18

 Why are endemic organisms in greater danger of becoming extinct?

Answer 18

Endemic organisms are confined to a limited geographical area. They cannot adapt or live outside their natural habitat. Any disturbance to their habitat will adversely affect them.

Question 19

How are even small animals important in an ecosystem?

Answer 19

Even small organisms are important in an ecosystem because every organism forms a part of a food chain/food web/ecosystem.

Question 20

 A new species X is introduced in a forest. How is it likely to affect the local species of that area?

Answer 20

Introduction of a new species may affect the existence of local species due to competion.

Question 21

 Does soil erosion affect the fertility of soil? How?

Answer 21

Yes. Soil erosion removes the fertile top layer of the soil thereby, exposing the hard rocky lower layers which are less fertile.

Question 22

 What is the unique feature of the biodiversity found in Panchmarhi Biosphere Reserve?

Answer 22

The biodiversity found in Panchmarhi Biosphere Reserve is similar to that found in upper Himalayan peaks and lower Western Ghats.

Question 23

Mention the aim of Forest (Conservation) Act.

Answer 23

Conservation of natural forests and meeting the basic needs of the people living in or near the forests.

Question 24

 What is biodiversity?

Answer 24

Biodiversity refers to the variety of organisms existing in the Earth, their interrelationships and their relationship with the environment.


Question 25

 Is deforestation associated with global warming? Explain.

Answer 25

Yes. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for photosynthesis. Deforestation results in decreased number of trees leading to accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere traps heat rays reflected by the earth which results in global warming.

Question 26

 How does deforestation lead to frequent floods and droughts?

Answer 26

Deforestation results in decreased water holding capacity of soil. This reduces the infiltration of water into the ground which causes floods. On the other hand, deforestation leads to higher level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which causes global warming. Scarcity of trees disturbs the water cycle and may reduce rainfall leading to droughts.

Question 27

 Why should we save paper?

Answer 27

To prevent deforestation, save energy and water needed for manufacturing the paper. Chemicals used to manufacture the paper also cause pollution.

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